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Babak Motamedi holds more than 20 years of experience in a variety of business fields including International Business Negotiation, Business Consulting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Development, Capital Acquisition, Project Management, and General Contracting.

After being General Manager, he had gained enough experience and skills to become President and CEO for various companies, including a business consulting company and a real estate development firm. He maintained this profession option from 2001 to present day. Babak has not only achieved expert status in his career but also enjoys what he does immensely.

Working for so many companies and venturing into multiple fields, Babak Motamedi has experience working in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Argentina, Iceland, and USA. He has managed, supervised, and completed the operational checks on countless projects and business operations, which enhanced his communication, leadership, groupthink, risk mitigation, and many other skills.

Being a work-oriented person, Babak hold additional skills in contract law, international banking, startups, corporate structuring, and more. All these skills, including the professional skills he has acquired make him an expert and knowledgeable project and business manager. 

Babak Motamedi’s style and shade of work is one of dedication, passion, and enthusiasm. He loves a challenge and never backs down from them – in fact, he remains set on finding a solution rather than giving up. He has worked with countless clients, partners, customers, and employers, in multiple countries and has enjoyed great business relationships with all of them, maintained in a professional yet friendly manner. Through his style of work, manner of work, and work ethics based on integrity, dedication, and hard work, he is a positive, professional, and competent person to work with.

Babak’s dedication to his commitments, be they personal or professional, reflect his personality.