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Matt Kowalczyk is an accomplished Senior Executive, Board Member, and Thought Leader with more than 25 years of success in business development, software engineering, mobile strategy, hospitality technology, cyber security, and wine software. Leveraging extensive experience with managing internal conflict, creating a pivot, or a new line of business, Matt is a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on evaluating new market opportunities and understanding a new business strategy. His broad areas of expertise include start-up acceleration, team building, creating culture, managing P&L, raising capital, sales, product vision, optimizing monetization strategies, talent acquisition, mobile developing, cyber security, fundraising, communication, risk management, and networking.


Matt is both an entrepreneur and a successful business leader. Among his many achievements, Matt was part of the founding team that created the tablet PC and pitched it to Bill Gates; innovated a best-selling iPhone app for wine; he has founded seven start-ups, two of which had significant exits. In addition, Matt created Climb for Kids, a Nonprofit that within two years raised large funds and donated to those in need. Lastly, Matt has been recruited heavily to run or co-run other organizations, such as Galavantier (COO), Leviathan Security Technologies (CEO), React Mobile (CTO) and finally Mediafolio Technologies (President).


During his career, Matt has also continuously run a boutique consulting shop, EXIT83 Consulting, whose motto is "We solve hard problems."  Clients for EXIT83 have included Microsoft, Real Networks, FTI, Intel and 3 dozen small to medium size businesses.


In his current executive role as President of MediaFolio, Matt has been responsible for developing a substantial new business opportunity for their premier product, SingleStep. SingleStep is the intelligent training platform that uses context to deliver timely, incremental content to your hospitality workforce through a mobile application – so employees can provide more consistent, on-brand services while spending less time learning directly from supervisors.  


Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in Information & Decision Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. He has served on the Board of Directors for React Mobile, More Perfect Union, and Media Folio. He holds a Patent for image or pictographic based computer login systems.